If you have Choices, you can have dreams.

DKA Choices program offers a menu of services that are selected by each person based on their individual preferences and skills needed. As an outpatient specialty provider focused on employment services, we are able to offer comprehensive services to address barriers to employment and help our participants become employable and employed.

Participants enrolled in our Choices program work closely with DKA job developers to develop an Individualized Plan for Employment. Each member will be offered to start the job search process within one (1) month after entering the program. Services will be delivered based on the SAMHSA Supported Employment Best Practice model:

  • Eligibility is based on consumer choice
  • Supported Employment services are integrated with comprehensive mental health treatment when applicable
  • Competitive employment is the goal
  • Personalized benefits counseling is important
  • Job search starts soon after consumers express interest in working
  • Follow-along supports are continuous
  • Consumer preferences are important

Our Participants Are:

  • Ready to work
  • Willing to receive comprehensive, one-on-one or small group assistance in the entire job search process
  • Funded by Cenpatico Integrated Care (Tucson), Vocational Rehabilitation, or Arizona@Work

We Offer:

  • Supported Employment (based on SAMHSA Supported Employment Best Practice)
  • Computer Training
  • Work Skills Training
  • Short-term Work Experience
  • Resume Preparation
  • Barriers to Employment Counseling
  • Employability Case Management

Food Fundamentals:
Our Food FUNdamentals program exposes the participants to all the basics of working in a kitchen.  You will learn the large variety of different jobs in the food industry. We outline the qualifications and/requirements for various jobs and assist the participant in finding just the right job.

The program includes a section on nutrition, meal planning, and basic cooking. We also emphasize food and kitchen safety.

The program consists of a 4 week course, 5 days a week from 9:00 am to 12:30 pm. There is classroom time with guest speakers and cooking demonstrations. Field trips are offered to various restaurants and commercial kitchens, grocers, food processing plants, and suppliers.

There will be a lot of great cooking and everybody can take the delicious results home.

Thought for Food:
The purpose of Thought for Food at Assurance Health & Wellness Center is to improve the health and wellness of Cenpatico adult members with a serious mental illness, by providing a comprehensive program that enhances members’ recovery and quality of life.  At Thought for Food, clients are taught to prepare meals using nutritious foods in real time preparation while maintaining the highest standards in food handling and sanitation. Thought for Food works onsite in conjunction with Assurance Health & Wellness Center located at 3939 S. Park Ave. in Tucson, Arizona.

Pima County Department of Transportation:

DKA contracts with the Pima County Department of Transportation Mapping and Records to provide document imaging and conversion services.  Clients are paid minimum wage during their training, which focuses on scanning, naming, saving and cleaning up images provided by the Department.  Some of the projects consist of large construction and improvement plans, right of way permit packets, deeds, engineering books, and state leases.  The documents consist of a vast array of sizes, shapes and colors which require much attention to detail.

During their internship clients learn how to use various scanners and imaging software, but more importantly they learn valuable “soft skills” such as following a schedule, following instructions, social skills and managing stress.


PakMail is a national franchise packing, shipping, crating company which DKA purchased in 2014.  Our clients who are interested in logistics, customer service or working with their hands can learn the intricacies of the shipping industry.  “We ship anything anywhere” has been born out  in our experience since DKA took ownership of the franchise.  our clients have enjoyed learning how to pack and ship antiques, artwork, sensitive electronic equipment, firearms and more.  They are required to come away with a basic understanding of shipping regulations, and how to crate items to avoid accidents during the shipping.