Archive Advantage, originally known as ArchiveXpress, began as a document imaging and conversion service provided by DKA.  Now, we are a full-time enterprise of DKA and we work with our customers to realize the full potential of their records through data transformation services.

Security. Confidence. Trust. Quality.

Archive Advantage delivers this and so much more to businesses and individuals who utilize our file conversion services.  If you are in the financial or legal industry, we help transform your paper and multimedia files into data that can be used for marketing, research, business development, record-keeping and easing your workflow. Or, perhaps you have a personal project that requires specialized attention. Whatever the project, whatever the size, Archive Advantage is the only way to go!

Our Services Include (but are not limited to):

  • Scanning documents of all size and forms into computer readable files including .pdf, .doc, .jpg, etc.
  • All forms of media accepted: photos, slides, film, microfiche, VHS, negatives, cassettes, Beta, etc.
  • Restoration and editing of files to brighten, enhance, and/or remove wear and tear 
  • File organization and data management
  • Custom indexing of files for easy access and search capability
  • NEW: Vinyl Records (78, 45, and 33 RPM) recorded to MP3!

Why Archive Advantage works: 

“David and Dot constantly gave us suggestions about how to make the data more usable and searchable.”

              ~William McCollum, Prosecutor, Pima County Attorney’s Office

 ”Archive Advantage Helps Break Cold Case Murder Investigation”

              ~Bill McCollum – Legal

 ”Archive Advantage Preserves One-of-a-Kind Historical Photos Forever”

              ~Martha Gilliland – Personal

Call our Tucson or Phoenix office today for more information and specials!

Robert Greenberg

Business Development and Marketing Manager