DKA helps people contribute to their community

Dot Kret started DKA more than 30 years ago because she believes that everyone has something valuable to contribute to our community. Today, we continue to help people get jobs that enrich their lives and allow them to make our community better. Our compassionate, qualified staff provide support to people from ages 18 to 80 who are unemployed, have limited work experience, or find it difficult to qualify for the jobs they want. Our programs are free, and our DKA team is always ready to answer questions, help identify your skills, offer suggestions, and give encouragement.

By working closely with our clients to build their work skills, life skills, and real-world job experience, what we’re really building is their confidence, independence, and self-esteem – the foundation for any job.

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For information about employment opportunities at DKA
Email or call (520) 790-7677

“DKA is always looking for new ways to do things, and they always put their clients first.”
–Dan Haley, CEO, Hope, Inc.


Find applicants who are screened, qualified, and ready to work. Tell us what you need.