I believe it's everyone's responsibility to leave the world better than they found it.

-Dot Kret
President & Founder, DKA

DKA - Tucson Office

1502 East Broadway Blvd.
Phone: (520) 790-7677

DKA-Realizing the Power of Potential

Archive Advantage

Document imaging and conversion service.

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Employment Services

Provide job leads, support, schedule job interviews.

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Build job skills, gain employment, goals.

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DKA is a successful employment services and digital scanning business because we care about our clients, the employers and businesses we work with, and our community.

We care about what we do. And what we do is help you to realize your full potential.

Our Employment Programs focus on meeting our clients where they are and helping them get and keep fulfilling jobs. With Archive Advantage, an enterprise of DKA, we’re raising the bar and using document scanning, photo scanning, digital file management, data conversion, and information retrieval to bring your data back to life.

At DKA, we have a different way of looking at things.

We don’t see problems and challenges; we envision solutions and successes that are simply waiting to be discovered. It’s a win-win for our clients, employers, Archive Advantage customers, our community, everyone.